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Welcome to Liberia Immigration Service

The Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) is one of the security agencies of the Ministry of Justice charged with the statutory mandate to enforce the Alien and Nationality Law of Liberia; and that in fulfillment of this primary responsibility, the Liberia Immigration Service guards and protects the territorial boundaries and borders of Liberia against the illegal entry of persons into the Country: manages all land, air and sea borders and liaises with relevant government institutions to conduct background checks and screening of persons wanting to be issued national identity documents, such as passports, birth certificates and national identity cards.

LIS also participates in joint security operations to supplement the efforts of the Liberia National Police to ensure the maintenance of peace and security in Liberia. LIS further investigates organized criminal cartels engaged in cross border crimes, involving illicit mining, hunting and encroachment of Liberian territory, as well as smuggling, trafficking of arms, drugs, persons and wildlife (protection of plants and animal species). It adheres to the ECOWAS, MRU Protocols on the free movement of people, goods and services across the sub-region. LIS honors UN conventions on human rights, and other international conventions and continues to implements regulations and Administrative Instructions that conform to best international practices that emanated out of the Immigration Act of 2016. .

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    Commissioner General LIS (U-300)

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  1. Border Service

    Person living near the border shall be issued with border Crossing pass to allow him/her to conduct daily cross-border activities in accordance with bilateral or regional agreements between Liberia and Neighboring or regional countries.

  2. Entry and Exit Of a Child

    With purpose to prevent and combat transnational crimes especially protection of child trafficking, a child under sixteen (16) years of age intending to enter in or exit from Liberia shall be required to fulfill the following:

    1. To be accompanied by one of the parents or another person authorized by the child's parent or guardian;

    2. A proof of consent from one of the parents or guardian authorizing him/her to travel in case the child is not accompanied (the authorization should be approved by competent authority).

    3. In case a child is under responsibility of Transport Company, the later shall assume the responsibility for the child's travel.

  3. Entry and Exit Of a Dead Person

    An individual accompanying a dead person shall be required to present to an immigration officer a death certificate before its entry or exit. The Immigration Officers at border posts may inspect the dead person before its entry or exit.

  4. Entry Points

    A. International Airports
    Robert International Airport
    Harbel, Margibi County

    B. Local Airport
    James Springs Airport

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