Requirements for Naturalization

All of those wishing to naturalize must submit the following documents to the office of the Deputy Commissioner for Naturalization for onward submission to the Circuit Court in the County of residence. 

  1. Letter of Application addressed to the Commissioner of LIS
  2. Photocopy of Resident Permit
  3. Photocopy of Resident Permit
  4. Photocopy of passport or other travel documents
  5. Two letters of recommendation from prominent Liberian
  6. Six (6) hanging folders
  7. Eight (8) passport size photos
  8. NSA/Police clearance 
  9. Copy of Marriage certificate if married to a citizen
  10. Health certificate 
  11. Autobiography 

Requirements for Oath of Allegiance

The Alien and Nationality Law of the Republic of Liberia Section 20.1 ‘CITIZENS OF LIBERIA AT BIRTH’ the following shall be citizens of Liberia at birth: (a) A person who is a Negro, or of Negro born in Liberia and subject to the jurisdiction thereof: (b) A person born outside Liberia Whose father (i) was born a citizen of Liberia, (ii) was a citizen of Liberia at the time of the birth of such child, and (iii) had resided in Liberia prior to the birth of such child.

A child who is a Liberian citizen by virtue of the provision of sub-paragraph (b) of this section shall loss his citizenship unless he has resided in Liberia before attaining his majority or unless when attains his majority and before attaining the age of 23, he goes before a Liberian consul and take the Oath of Allegiance to the Republic of Liberia and acquire a petitioner for Naturalization.

Accordingly, all those wishing to obtain “OATH OF ALLEGIANCE” must submit the following”

  • Letter of Application (Address To The Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization)
  • Birth Certificate (Original) & Notarized
  • Autobiography Of Applicant
  • Affidavit of Confirmation of Birth Submitted by Applicant Liberian Parents or by Biological Relatives
  • Citizenship Certificate (If Parents (S) are Naturalized)
  • Any Legal Document that may assist in the process/ School Documents of Applicant
  • Four Passport Size Photos of Applicant
  • Deponent must attach his/her photograph to the Affidavit of Confirmation of Birth.
  • Address & telephone numbers must be attached
    underneath the signature of deponent.
  • Officers of the LIS shall investigate; sign and verify all Applications before submission to the Deputy Commissioner For Naturalization,
  • Original Photography of Applicant Shall Be photocopy in the Final Document For Transmission to The Court.