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Complaints and commendations

Complaints and commendations

Complaints and commendations (applauds) can be made by any individual, whether you are a Liberian citizen, immigration officer, government official, etc. Complaints and commendations help the Liberia Immigration Service to gain the trust, respect, and support of the people it serves.

Commending/Applauding an Officer

The LIS would like to know when you are pleased with the specific duties or services of one of our officers. When good work is recognized, we know that we are meeting your needs and doing our job to keep you safe and secure. Commending an officer also helps him/her continue to set a good example for others in the agency.

Filing a Complaint

If you are not satisfied with the performance of an officer because you feel that officer has violated his/her roles and responsibilities, acted with misconduct, or mistreated someone, you may file a complaint against that officer. The LIS takes complaints seriously. The Professional Standards Department (PSD) is responsible for investigating all complaints, and the Civilian Complaints Review Board helps to ensure complaints are processed fairly.

How do I complain or commend?

To file a complaint or commendation for any officer, you can:

  • Visit any local immigration office to request a form to fill out and submit at the office
  • Visit and use the electronic form provided on the website
  • Download the mobile phone app at the Google Play Store

You do not need to know the officer’s name or ID number (although it is very helpful if you do). Please be sure to provide as much information and details as possible to help the PSD review/investigate your case including:

  • Description of the officer (sex, approximate height, hair, body type, etc. as known)
  • Day and time of the incident (be as specific as possible)
  • Location of the incident (county, city, community, building, etc. as known)
  • What happened (what was done, said, were witnesses, etc.)

Once a complaint or commendation is received, the LIS should provide you with a case number and communicate the progress of the case to you.

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