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A visa being a permit issued to an alien by a Liberian Diplomatic Mission to enter the Republic of Liberia, an alien wishing to enter Liberia as either a visitor, student, or tourist or businessman/woman or transit passenger, shall apply to and obtain an entry visa from a Liberian Consular Officer abroad. The Visa shall be issued to the alien, as the purpose of the alien’s travel to Liberia. 

1.Categories of Visas. - The Liberian consular officer abroad shall issue the following types of entry visas to aliens seeking entry into Liberia, and shall be issued as per the purpose of the alien’s travel to Liberia

  • Student Visa
  • Visiting/ Non-immigrant Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Immigrant/Business Visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Visa on Arrival

2.Issuance requirements. Aliens applying for any of these visas shall meet the following requirements:

3.Student Visa. - An alien student seeking an entry into Liberia shall:

  • Submit or exhibit as a proof that he/she has been accepted at an accredited educational establishment in Liberia
  • Specify in his/her latter of application the name of the institution in Liberia where he/she will study;
  • Have access to sufficient funds to cover the cost of tuition fees and accommodation for the duration of the study, as evidenced by a bank account in the name or in favor of the applicant or that of his/her parents or legal guardians;
  • Hold a recognized and approved sponsorship;
  • Be granted a period of not more than one year, subject to renewal, so as to allow him/her to complete the course, pending a review of the criteria stated herein;


4. Visiting/non-immigrant visa. An aliens who seeks an entry into Liberia for a definite period of 30, 60 or 90 days, as either a tourist, or one who visits family members or friends or otherwise, shall:

  • Be able to support him/herself financially without burden on others or the State, as to accommodation and sustainability;
  • Hold a round trip air ticket or the required transportation fare to facilitate his/her leaving Liberia, at the end of his/her stay, as granted in his/her passport;
  • Not to take any employment, be it paying or not paying job.
  • Not to conduct business of any kind, except he/she has entered Liberia on a business visit.

5. Transit visa. Any alien seeking a transit visa shall demonstrate his/her intention to stay within Liberia for a period not longer than forty-eight (48) hours, and shall have:

  • A valid passport, with a genuine and valid entry visa for the country for which he/she has destined;
  • Evidence of his/her onward journey, a ticket, online itinerary or similar;
  • Sufficient financially means to support himself/herself, while in Liberia.

6. Immigrant/Business Visa. Any alien seeking an entry into Liberia for business for the period not exceeding ninety days (90), with a view to hosting or conducting meetings, participating in a conference, interview or other such similar work related venture that does not involve employment, shall:

  • Be able to support himself/herself financially without burden on others or state, with regards to accommodation and sustainability;
  • Hold a round trip air ticket or the required transportation fare to facilitate his/her leaving Liberia at the end of his/her stay, as granted in his/her passport;
  • Not to take any employment, be it paying or not paying job.

7. Employment Visa. An alien who has been hired by a company or institution, be it religious or otherwise, to work or render humanitarian services in Liberia, and is seeking entry into Liberia, shall exhibit:

  • A copy of the contract executed by and between the company and himself/herself or a letter of employment from his/her employer;
  • A letter from the Liberian Ministry of Labor, indicating that nobody can be found in Liberia to do the job for which he/she has been hired;
  • A medical/health certificate, certifying that she is cleared of or without any contagious disease;
  • A police clearance issued by his/her country of residence.

8. Issuance to a spouse of a Liberian national. A spouse of a Liberian national, when applying for an entry visa to enter the Republic of Liberia shall exhibit:

  • Evidence of Marriage (a marriage certificate);
  • Medical Certificate; and
  • Police Clearance issued by the Country of residence.

 9. Visa on Arrival. Any alien who seeks an entry into Liberia without an entry visa, he/she or his/her sponsor, agent or legal representative, shall apply to the Commissioner General of Immigration for a Visa on Arrival. The Commissioner General of Immigration, after a due diligence on the application, shall, if satisfied, approve the application and issue the Visa on Arrival, provided:

  • The agent, sponsor or legal representative fills out a request form, taking full responsibility and guarantee the good behavior of the alien while in Liberia;
  • The alien for whom the request is being made is travelling from the Country where Liberia does not have a diplomatic mission;
  • The alien or his/her agent, sponsor or legal representative pays into government revenue the requisite fee, as stipulated in Section 2.9(8) of this Act, noting that there is no Visa fee for charitable or religious organization.
  • The purpose of the alien shall be indicated on the visa on arrival.

10. Discretion. The commissioner General of Immigration shall have the discretion to accept, reject or approve or disapprove any application for a Visa on Arrival, as he/she deems it necessary, in the interest of the State.

11. Duration. The duration of this visa shall be for a period of not more than ninety (90) days which shall be indicated on the visa as a matter of notice to the holder thereof.

  1. Penalty. Any alien, except Citizens of ECOWAS, who enters Liberia without an entry visa or valid traveling documents, shall be denied entry into Liberia at the port of entry or border point. The aircraft or vessel, vehicle, railway or any movable object or any means of conveyance, bringing such alien into Liberia, shall be liable to a fine of not less than USD 1,000.00 or its equivalence in Liberian dollars. The transporting company shall immediately transport such alien back to the place of embarkation. The alien shall remain in the custody and control of immigration Officers within the perimeter or vicinity of the airport or the port of entry through which such alien enters, until the departure of the carrier from Liberia. The transporting company shall provide feeding and lodging for the alien while in the custody of the Liberia Immigration Service, pending the alien’s departure from Liberia.

Sec. 3.12.  Refusal of entry and removal of alien who does not meet the entry requirements.

An Immigration Officer shall refuse the entry of and remove an alien, except a refugee or persons seeking asylum status, as provided in Section 3.8 of this Act, who:

  • Fails to meet the criteria set in this Act for transit passenger or for any person seeking entry into Liberia for visit, business, humanitarian services etc;
  • Has found to have committed crime or similar actions non-conducive to the public good to the Republic of Liberia;
  • Has found not to meet the qualification criteria, upon examination by the Immigration Officer on arrival at the border crossing point;
  • Has been denied entry into Liberia at a port of entry;

Chapter 4.  Control of aliens within Liberia.

Sec. 4.1 Permit of Residence

Sec. 4.2  Indemnity Bond guaranteeing good behavior and prompt departure of alien;

Sec. 4.3 Permit for Extended Residency.

Sec. 4.4 Maintenance of Student status.

Sec. 4.5 Maintenance of employment status.

Sec. 4.6 Extension of Stay.

Sec. 4.7 Adjustment of Status.

Sec. 4.8 Rendition of services for a period less than one (1) year.

Sec. 4.9 Special Permit.